I was harassed sexually, beaten and even denied payments, Jamirah testifies against AYA Boss Hamid

Former ethics and Integrity Minister Hon. Miria Matembe has accused president Museveni for bringing fake investors in Uganda.

While addressing the media Hon Matembe alongside other Human rights activists from Foundation of Human rights initiative (FHRI), UWONET and women’s democracy network introduced two victims of assault by investors namely Jamira Opondo and Allen Nakityo who testified, she added that Its time rejected slavery in Uganda, our children are dehumanized and degraded in the Arab Countries and now these investors are doing the same.

Jamirah a former employee of the AYA group Narrated how her Boss Muhammad Hamid used to harass her sexually, physically beat her and deny her payments.

George Musisi from the Legal Aid service provider’s network explained the progress of Jamirahs case whose files where opened up at CPS and Old Kampala police station.

The case of salary arrears is being handled by the KCCA labour offices against the AYA as the files from CPS and Old Kampala where merged for easy processing says George adding that police requested for one week to have the file ready for a court procession.

Ms Opondo says ‘’ I never got any assistance from the CPS police as body guards of Hamid where sent to look for me and the file nearly disappeared.

We are the office already knew that CPS works for our AYA boss so my lawyer advised me to open up another case at old Kampala police station.

When the red pepper run my story I was invited by Hon Herbert Kabafunzaki , he told us that such issues  are handled by his office and gave me an appointment on Monday unfortunately he was arrested for bribery thus leaving our case unattended too.

Musisi adds that in case the police fails to process the case to court we shall proceed to the courts of law without them.

While I was working at Shell Jinja Road my boss Bazil Noble used to assault me sexually for about two years says Allen adding that when I opened up a case at SIU, I was asked for what I wanted to drop the case.

I requested for 100 million as start up for a new job, I was offered twenty million and forced to sign by the police lady but only five million was given to me.

I wrote a resignation nation letter while being forced to settle the case amicably by recording a written agreement

Ms Nakityo adds that I later opened up a case at Nakawa court under justice Rwagutaga carol who went for maternity leave when the case was underway

Just before she returned we were called back by justice sajjabi who gave a ruling which was read by a different female judge and the case was dismissed

Mr Bazil usually said that we cannot defeat him in court since the Judge studied with his lawyer, all I ask for is Justice.

Matembe asked police to protect all those ladies who have testified as Tezira Jamwa the chair UWONET inquired who is more important between the citizens and the investors like Hamid who was deported from Tanzania

We must not normalise sexual Harassment said Perry Aritua from Women’s Democracy Network Uganda  who also called for the passing of the sexual offenses bill, and also minding workers’ rights




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