Flosso and Kent doing what they do best

One will be forced to call Flosso and Kent (Voltage Music) as Uganda’s Dancehall therapists because of the back to back hit songs they release.

Forget about Tom and Jerry, Pull up and many more, Cheza Mama is another piece from a different music planet because I am sure you will first think its Dj snake killing the vibe.

Produced by Sound Prints, Cheza Mama is a song that the young, sexy, and the old can rhyme to and with that magical piece, the duo are yet to release the official crystal clear video.

Featuring God given 10 beautiful ladies in an Arab money setup, all sorts of expensive wines, golden outfits mingled with the yummy erotic dance moves trust me this video will keep your eyes widely open Like Northern Bypass security lights.

In less than a fortnight after the  release of the audio, it has already gone viral on all social media platforms, radio stations and night clubs.

Catch Cheza Mama behind the scenes in Pictures.

PICTURES: Behind the scenes of Cheza Mama Video by Voltage Music
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