Its Not yet time for succession issue – Museveni

Following the viral ‘succession’ debate that sparked different factions in the ruling NRM party saying it’s high time the party started thinking and discussing the process of successor, President Yoweri Museveni has broken the silence by giving his stand.

Addressing journalists at Kawumu Demonstration Farm yesterday, President Museveni said that it is important issue but its time will come. Sighting that there things that need immediate action than succession apparently.

According to Justice Minister and constitutional affairs minister Gen. Kahinda Otafiire appearing on NBS Frontline on Thursday last week, said the succession debate is misplaced since Museveni has just started his term.

“My genuine view is that President Museveni has just started his term. It’s not prudent to discuss his exit,” he said.

Last year, Museveni was re-elected president of Uganda, a term that extends his rule to 2021


Its Not yet time for succession Talk – Museveni
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