This is a failed state, Otunnu attacks Museveni over insecurity

This is a failed state, Otunnu attacks Museveni

Former presidential Candidate Olara Otunnu has attacked President Yoweri Museveni Kaguta the increasing insecurity in the country.

Boldly speaking during the Morning show talkshow on NBS Television, Otunnu asked How Mr. Museveni claim to be ‘Mr. Security’ when he was the commander in chief of insecurity from 1986-2008.

“If you are talking about removing roadblocks in Kampala, let’s also talk about people being buried in mass graves. This is failed state.” He said.

Otunnu added that President Museveni as NRM regime used the activities of LRA as a pretext to create premeditated genocide in Northern Uganda.

Talking about corruption and embezzlement in the country, he also said that what we are witnessing in Uganda is not corruption, it’s wholesale plunder by individuals in institutions.

However the minister for general duties Prof. Tarsis Kabwegyere has said Otunnu is a biased person and he has personal issues with president therefore his arguments are baseless.

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