EXCLUSIVE: Singer Reazy Rweazlar spills his Music and love secrets

Reazy Rweazlar

 Dancehall music of late is one of the fastest growing genres in the Ugandan Music industry and due to this, the genre has got a massive airplay on different media platforms and the number of Dancehall therapists has also increased regardless of sex, style and Character. Our very own Johnson Thembo linked up with one of the promising New Dancehall artist Reazy Rweazlar in an exclusive interview.

Who is Reazy Rweazlar?

Born and raised in Kampala city, Nnoka Reagan aka Reazy Rweazelar studied in Kiswa a Bugolobi based primary school till when he was shifted to St. Peters Primary School Nsambya after proving his degree of stubbornness and it’s where he completed his primary level. He also Joined Crane High for all his Secondary life and it’s the domicile of learning how play basketball and miming other people’s songs. The Weh Yuh Deh hit-maker later joined UPTEK where he studied a diploma in Software Engineering.

Reazy performing

Music Background

Though he grow up under tight parental supervision, Reazy’s passion for music started way back during high school where he wrote several Hip hop lyrics in his physics book until when he stormed the studio to record a song dubbed Ono Muwala about four years back alongside a friend called Bad News who also sorted all the tolls.

It’s at this level that Reazy decided to try dancehall music something that scooped him funs straight from class and outside school. In 2016, he started commercial music a move that has changed his life and stirred the passion of hovering the top of the game.

Raising to Fame

Though he describes the industry as an awesome and tricky field, the Weh Yuh Deh hit-maker scoops the biggest inspiration from the Nigerian famous artist Wizkid who he says gives him the perfect depiction of the journey he wants to walk in the world of music.

With an affiliation to production Labels like The Fame (Video) and Sound Prints (Audio) has so far released about six songs like Sensation, Dirty wyn, Yenze (Ragga Versace), Ondobesa, Right Here among others that are buy becoming Anthems in night clubs, radio and Television stations.

His biggest challenge is with people who don’t appreciate other people’s efforts like those who don’t play music by raising stars calling them upcoming artists yet sometimes they have better music than the self-proclaimed superstars. But though this is the reality about Ugandan Music Industry, this instead inspires Reazy to work hard since his dream is not only to rule Uganda but to become an international Dancehall star.

One of Reazy’s Videos being played on Trace TV

Love, sex and Relationships

Well guess what, The dude confesses feasting a good number of skirts but apparently describes himself as an extremely single gentleman only tied up to his music career and raising to the top.

“Women are not easy people, they don’t love broke guys, they love famous people but they rarely appreciate your efforts and time. I am sure they are a lot of pretty ladies in the world and I know when time comes, I shall also get one because it’s not yet too late for me.” He pretentiously articulated.

In conclusion, Speaking about the future generation, He urges the youth to remain focused to their dreams since the world belongs to fighters not beggars and also know that the Sky is the limit and too big to accommodate millions of stars.

Ladies man Reazy Rweazlar enjoying life



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