We have to win, Musumba’s rally causes traffic jam in Kamuli town


The by-election that follows the nullification of Rehema Watongola’s 2016 victory over lack of academic qualifications has reawakened the need for solidarity, teamwork and endless promises in the Kamuli district.

One may not believe the congestion in Kamuli municipality as hundreds marched in solidarity to the venue where FDC’s Iron lady will hold her rally.

In a petition filed by FDC’s Salaamu Musumba, court heard that Watongola did not possess the required minimum to contest for a parliamentary seat and at least five candidates are contesting for the Kamuli municipality parliamentary seat following nominations by the Electoral Commission.

According to the Kamuli municipality residents, the atmosphere in the area has changed, families have started receiving new guests occasionally and the spirit to cast the ballot is so high.

The candidates include, incumbent Rehema Watongola- a representative of the ruling National Resistance Movement – NRM party and Proscovia Salaamu Musumba, representing the opposition Forum for Democratic Change. The others are independent candidates Samuel Walujjo, Michael Kiboome and Prossy Naikoba Kanakutanda.

However according to Salaam Musumba, she confidently told the insider that she by virtual of winning the petition, she has already started winning and also set to battle with the opponents.

Musumba has been escorted by several delegates from the FDC secretariat including the Part’s Secretary general Harold Kaija, Party spokes person Ssemujju Nganda and Dr. Kiiza Besigye who will be joining the camp soon.


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