Minister Kabafunzaki’s co-accused pleads guilty, applies for bail


Minister Herbert Kabafunzaki’s co-accused, Mugabo Brian, has pleaded guilty and charged with corruption for soliciting UGX15m to ‘kill the case’ against AYA Brothers’ Muhammad Hamid.

Mugabo has accepted hiding UGX5m which had been accepted by State Minister for Labor, Employment and Industrial relations Herbert Kabafunzaki.

Mugabo has also admitted that everything stated by prosecution is true

Counsel Kenneth Muhangi (Kabafunzaki’s lawyer) has also presented three sureties as requested by court for Minister Kabafunzaki’s bail application.

State prosecutor asks court for stringent bail terms including hefty amounts of money, passport & a land title.

State prosecutor also wants Minister Kabafunzaki to report to court weekly if granted bail.


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