Biggest noise makers are mere supporters not registered DP members- Mao

The Democratic Party president Norbert Mao has said that he does not know all the party members sighting that the biggest noise makers are mere supporter not registered members.

This followed a prior announcement where the party secretary general issued a notice for a NEC meeting on April 20th.

It is in this meeting where party’s discipline and registrar will be discussed.

“The deliberation will elaborate on how discipline of members should be conducted, clear description of offenses and also draft the rules since non is availed in the constitution’’. Mao said.

I expect the NEC to adopt a resolution on the National registrar which will be constituency based registrar proposal, says Norbert adding that membership cards will be coded, and life time membership will be regulated where branches will recommend to NEC all those to become Life time members which will have categories of Gold, Silver and bronze.

NEC will also appoint a date for the siting of the national council, and all those demanding for the national council meeting are just ignorant of the DP constitution and how it works.

Uganda is not a normal country, if it was I would be the president of Uganda by now. The central region has too much politics of deal making but as duly elected leaders give us a chance to exercise our mandate



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