FDC officials insist to visit Nyanzi again, to fight police if denied access on Thursday

The forum for Democratic Change officials led by Makerere KCCA councilor Doreen Nyanjura have vowed to fight police on Thursday 20th April at Luzira prison if they are denied access to visit Dr. Stella Nyanzi

This action follows the police efforts of blocking the officials from visiting the famous activist who is on remand on cyber harassment.

“We are going back to check on Dr Stella Nyanzi tomorrow, we are going prepared to fight; Stella Nyanzi has a right to be visited like all other suspects. We need answers from the regime; where is Stella Nyanzi? Is she in Luzira prison? Why is she being denied visitors?”

After all efforts to see Nyanzi today had failed, they had to visit the Kawempe South Member Of Parliament Hon. Mubarak Munyagwa aka Mugati Gwa Bata who is also on remand in Luzira prison.

“Greetings from hon Munyagwa Mubarak, he is fine and strong; we are hopeful, he will be out soon.” Nyanjura said.


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