FDC has betrayed Sam Mugumya-DRC Ambassador

Sam Mugumya

Former Democratic Republic of Congo ambassador James William Kinoobe has attacked the Forum for Democratic Change party (FDC) for neglecting and betraying its every own Sam Mugumya who has been in detention for about three years.

Speaking while appearing on CBS FM radio talk show on Tuesday evening 18th April, Kinobe who is the current Sudan Ambassador, further said that its only the former Chairperson of the Public Accounts committee in the 9th Parliament Hon. Alice Alaso who visited Mugumya in Prison.

He added that FDC comprises of only noise makers who are never concerned about their fellows when they are in trouble.

FDC Activists campaigning for the release o f Sam Mugumya

“Now even the Besigye they brag around with has never even crossed the Congo boarder since Mugumya got arrested, and I am willing to offer one million Uganda Shillings to whoever brings me his travel documents with a DRC stamp.” Kinoobe pledged.

However the FDC Secretary General Harold Kaija trashed these allegations insisting that they are biased since the government of Uganda has an obligation to protect its people but which it has failed to do.

He feather tackled the recent trespass case he is answering when they were arrested along with Hon. Francis Mwijjukye at the DRC embassy in Kampala as they tried to follow up on Mugumya’s unlawful arrest.

FDC Secretary General Harold Kaija in Blue being arrested at the DRC embassy Last year as they moved to demand for information on Mugumya’s detention

On October 2014, FDC activist Sam Mugumya crossed into the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) where he was arrested on charges related to subversion.

The UPDF spokesperson Col Paddy Ankunda said then Mugumya had been found together with four other people in possession of big sums of dollars and documents linking them to a rebel group in eastern DRC with intentions of overthrowing the Ugandan government.

Mugumya was jailed at Ndolo Military Prison until today.

In September 2016, the Forum for Democratic Change-FDC party hired legal representation for political activist Sam Mugumya and four other Ugandans at a price of $5000 to handle the matter.




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