5 Ways to Overcome Shyness around Women

Even though guys deny it but most guys are shy around women but they just try to hide it.

“Some guys have no problems at all approaching and talking to women, and others are utterly terrified of even approaching a woman that they do not already know, or one that they do not know very well and a lot of guys are really somewhere in the middle, sometimes they can confidently start a conversation with a woman, and then there are other times when they just cannot seem to make it happen”.

Here are ways to overcome shyness around women.

Focus on yourself and build confidence first, confidence come from within so when you build your confidence you become sure of yourself and who you are and you will also become 55% above being shy and fear of approaching women.

Approach at least one woman per week that you do not know and start a conversation, no matter how small, the point of doing this is not to get a date or a phone number, at least not at first it is about overcoming the “shock” of approaching women that you do not know, and starting a conversation with her. “Soon, whatever fears that you might have will start to subside, and you will realize that it can actually be kind of easy to start a conversation with a woman, even when you don’t know her at all”.

“Now that you have started to get female friends and started to talk to women that you do not know, start to build up for something more, once you have a female friend, and hopefully more than just one in your network, and you have started to approach women that you do not know and get a conversation going, it’s time to UP the antenna, you now want to start at least getting some phone numbers from women”. “When you approach a woman that you do not know and the conversation seems to be fun and maybe even a little flirty, ask her for her phone number sure, she might say NO, and she might just move on after that, the point is to get used to asking for her number so that way, the shock of doing that will just wear off”.

“After the first one or two or maybe even three women, you have probably gotten at least one phone number, and now, you want to get comfortable making plans or dates, it is obvious you are not approaching women just to have a stash of phone numbers, right? The whole point in getting the phone number is to work up to a date with her, and of course, maybe even more than that so, you want to get used to talking to her on the phone, at least enough to make plans”.

“Think of every FAILED ATTEMPT AS JUST A PRACTICE RUN, if you think of every rejection or every conversation that leads to nowhere as just being a test run, a practice, then it will not have as big of an impact on you as if you think of it as being just another sign that you suck with women, you probably DON’T suck with women as much as you think you do, and when it starts to “click” and you start to get more and more dates with women, then you will look back on all of those failed attempts as just being either funny or a lesson learned and nothing more “There is no shortage of women that are worth dating out there, so don’t have the mentality that you let one get away and that you might never get another opportunity like that. Look around, beautiful women are everywhere, and every day you can end up coming across a woman that is even better than the last.

“Even though it can be intimidating at first, and you might think that you have nothing worth saying, the more times that you get out there, you will discover how to talk to women in a way that builds intense attraction”.



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