Comedian Bikukujju takes the Fun, Dance to BBS TV

Comedian Bikukujju takes the Fun, Dance, to BBS TV

Famous former WBS Television comedy show presenter Bikukujju has joined the Mengo based BBS Television.

With the same content re-branded as to NsekoBuseko a luganda word meaning Just for Laughs, will be airing from Monday to Friday 06PM.

According to our well-placed source, reveals that the Buganda Kingdom TV is committed to scoop whoever the viewer’s feel should appear on the TV at whatever cost.

Speaking to Ivan Mulindwa BBS TV staff, says he is personally happy with the coming of Bukukujju since he is one of his favorite presenters and he believes work is going to be interesting for him to work with funny and talented people.

BBS Television started only one year back but within that shortest while, it has become of the most watched Televisions in Uganda and now already winning awards.

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