Gen. Kayihura is a special gift to this nation – Bugembe

Should someone believe that the Nansana based pastor loves being in uniform?

If you happen to talk closely to Bugembe, you will get to realize that he so passionate about the men in Uniform through some of the songs he sings and his real character.

Today morning he officially opened on his attitude towards the Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura.

“When you finally meet the man you have always admired from afar. No man is perfect, I wonder how you sleep and wake up when you are the Inspetor General of Police.” He said.

Bugembe also appreciated the fact that Gen. Kayihura has a tough Job, No man is perfect but he is a special gentleman and a gift to this nation since he has tried his best to serve Ugandans.

“We pray God heals the wounds of the recent loss of our hero the late Kaweesi We pray for you that your reign will be a reign of peace and No disaster like the reign of King Solomon. Respect Respect sir!” he added.
he concluded dedicating a bilble verse 1 Chronicles 22:9 which states as below.

“Behold, a son shall be born to thee, who shall be a man of rest; and I will give him rest from all his enemies round about: for his name shall be Solomon, and I will give peace and quietness unto Israel in his days.”


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