Gen. Kayihura parades 20 goons terrorizing Masaka

The Inspector General of Police Gen. Kale Kayihura has said that the rising criminality and gun violence is organized some people who travel from Kampala to terrorize places like Masaka.

While addressing the media at Katwe police station where over 20 have been apprehended for murder and robbery in the greater Masaka and Kampala, kale Kayihura said Ugandans to remain calm since the police is committed to the duty of protecting them.

“We are still on top of the security situation despite having some gaps in the police force.” Said Kayihura.

The gang members confessed to organize crime and police is still investigating on the series of Murders and threat fliers which have expanded from greater Masaka to Wakiso and Kampala.

Mulindwa Juma one of the suspects says ‘’we were mobilized around MT Zion Hotel as we got ready for the job, and Sulaiman acknowledges the extreme facilitations inform of cigarettes Marijuana ,hammers, knives and machetes.

We were being guarded by people in police uniforms who claimed that they previous people failed to execute their job, they promised to shoot anyone who attempted to leave, and we were paid UGX 20,000.

Juma contradicted himself by changing his statement of being guarded by police to having security officers on guard

Senyonga another suspect says ‘’I only break into people’s houses, but I had not reached the leveling of killing. He adds that our boss is Kabugo Sentongo who pays me between 70,000 to 100,000 for a job well done.

I have never killed or raped any one and I will provide all the names of my work mates says Senyonga as he pleads for forgiveness.

However Kajubi Ronald a Suspected rapist claimed to have raped only once in 2009.


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