Kony’s ‘head’ was not our job in CAR – Brig. Karemire

The spokesperson the Uganda People’s Defense Forces (UPDF) Brig. Richard Karemire has spoken out on the recent Withdrawal of the troops from the Central Africa Republic (CAR).

Brig. Karemire said that all the troops will have been withdrawn by the end of May since the mission has been fully accomplished.

“We had around 1,000-1,500 soldiers in CAR. As per our plan, they will all be withdrawn by the end of May.”

This withdraw is not happening simply because the United states of America’s move but it’s because we have fought the war and crippled the enemy.

Speaking about chances of returning to CAR he said that they shall be other missions but not Kony

“Eight years ago, LRA rebels were around 5,000. They are now less than 100. They have been weakened.”

He however added that our mission in Central African Republic (CAR) was to neutralize LRA and break their capability of returning to Uganda. Kony’s ‘head’ was not our job. Let’s not look at Kony, let’s look at the capability of LRA returning to cause havoc in Uganda. Kony has been weakened. He can no longer recruit or abduct our people. He has no ability and capability to do so. The search for remnants of LRA will still continue. Withdrawing from CAR will not stop us” He Confirmed.

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