Mao to Nambooze: Stop spreading tribal propaganda

The Democratic Party Norbert Mao president has asked the vice president of Buganda region Betty Nambooze and her group to respect the party constitution and leadership or leave the party.

Mao made these remarks to journalists at the party headquarters at city house in Kampala and added that the Nsambya and Masaka conferences were illegal, biased and unjustified since they lacked the approval from the party’s National Excecutive Council (NEC).

He also accuses the Mukono legislator for spreading tribal propaganda putting Buganda at the forefront forgetting that other tribes have also contributed to the development of the party.

DP Buganda Leaders were on Sunday blocked from holding a meeting in Masaka because the party leaders had not approved it.

Earlier, the party National Executive Committee in a meeting held at Pope Paul’s Memorial Hotel in Kampala suspended MP Nambooze for three months over defying the party president.


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