Nambooze meetings a dogmatic aimed at crippling DP – Hon. Mbidde

Democratic Party legal advisor Mr. Mukasa Mbidde

The Democratic Party legal advisor and East African Community Legislative Assembly legislator Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde has attacked the DP faction led by Mukono MP Betty Nambooze as dogmatic and selfish.

Speaking to the Insider, Mbidde added that Nambooze’s mission is divide the Democratic Party but not taking it forward.

“These meetings are a dogmatic act of people centered as high priests of a cult intended to divide DP and I would like to tell them that they will not succeed.” Mbidde said.

Mbidde also nailed Nambooze that she was suspended for neglecting her party duties.

“Hon. Nambooze is a National Executive Committee member and she has never attended any meeting. Members choose not to attended NEC meeting but start an apocalypse in the party and accuse members of being paper tigers.” He added.

Hon. Mukasa Mbidde also objected the fact that there factions in Democratic Party insisting that there just different shades of opinions. ‘We are lucky, we are the only members of party whose leadership is younger than the party itself.’

He however concluded that every disagreement in a political party is a raw material for future processes of the party.

“All my life, I have struggled to make Democratic Party (DP). I have been working all my life.”









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