Manchester Derby: Guardiola to taste Mourinho’s wrath at Etihad

The third Manchester Derby of the season is being hosted by Manchester city at Etihad Stadium, where the visitors Manchester united are just a point below city as far as premier league table standings are.

The fourth ranked Pep Guardiola team needs a win if they are to secure their position since United are meant to replace them in case they loose for the visiting Jose Mourinho, a win would help secure the a place in the next champions league football despite having another entry option through winning

Europa adding that finishing above the city is not relevant if we cannot make it to the top four slots of EPL. Irrespective of city being above us.

We want to play champions league, we are to fight for this, it is our objective. We still have two doors open

However Pep is confident of the current city status with big series without defeat in the EPL, good quality and history and looking forward to the game with good, good rivals

Both teams have absentees due to injuries but a win will make more history to either of the managers.

Hussein Musisi


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