MPs squeeze Minister Bahati over tax exemption on rice

David Bahati

Members of parliament have tasked the state Minister of Finance and planning Hon. David Bahati to explain to the country where he got powers to exempt taxes on some goods being imported in the country.

This accusation follows the move by the ministry exempt taxes over imported rice for 4 months as one way to reduce the food crisis in the country.

“The idea behind tax exemption on unprocessed rice is for the rice to go down from 4000 to 3000.” Minister Bahati.

This issues raised a lot of concerns in yesterday’s plenary session as Dokolo MP Cecilia Ogwal wanted to know where the minister for Finance got the authority to exempt rice importation and specifically which country is giving us unprocessed rice with its husks and all.

However MP Odongo Otto added that this move is intended to favor the different ministers who want tax waivers because they imported rice and threatened to expose the names of those specific Ministers.

Uganda is currently cuffed with famine and lack of food in some parts of the country this has led to the declaration of a state of emergency due to food insecurity.


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