Museveni taking Ugandans for granted, need to change the approach – Lukyamuzi

Ken Lukyamuzi

Former Rubaga South Legislator Hon. John Ken Lukyamuzi ‘the man’ has vowed to attack the president if he continues taking Ugandans for granted.

Speaking during a talk show on CBS FM on Saturday, Lukyamuzi insisted that Ugandans who are in their country deserve to be considered first before the foreigners who have continuously ventured in petty trade that would have been gazetted for the poor local Ugandans.

Commenting about the 6Billion Presidential Handshake, he says that Ugandans need to change the approach of fighting for their country it seems that government has not respected calmness and diplomacy.

Ken also insists that several government offices are in wrong hands of people who are not concerned about the common man’s livelihood and development of the country.

Lukyamuzi for about 10 years in Parliament, was serving as shadow minister of Culture and Environment. Rose to fame during the Save Mabira  demonstrations that were aimed against the demolition of a section of Mabira forest that was proposed to be given away for sugarcane plantation.

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