South Sudan

President Bashir: Sudan is ready to end South Sudan fighting

Sudanese President Hassan Omar Al Bashir has said he is prepared to intervene in neighbouring South Sudan, to end the persistent fighting there.

South Sudan has been plagued by war for more than three years, with tens of thousands dying and millions fleeing to neighbouring countries.

Al-Bashir said his government is concerned about the people in South Sudan, as they were once his people too.

“We are really concerned about citizens in South Sudan, because they were our citizens when we were one state. We are the government and the political party who made the peace agreement, which led to the separation. So we will intervene to stop the war and famine in South Sudan,” he said in Khartoum.

The president said some parties from South Sudan have contacted his administration, appealing for help to end the devastating conflict.

“We received secret messages and contacts from many sides saying that no one but us can solve South Sudan’s crisis,” Al-Bashir said.

South Sudan descended into war in  December 2013 after President Salva Kiir accussed his then deputy, Riek Machar of plotting to overthrow his government. Machar denied the allegations but then went on to mobilize a rebel force to fight the government.

A peace deal that was signed in 2015 has continually been violated by both factions as war continued to ravage the world’s youngest nation.

The UN has called upon the country’s leaders to stop the war and build the country.

Machar is in South Africa where he went to seek medical treatment but has not found a way back to his country.


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