Police attacks mostly female Journalists – HNRJ

Tough times, as the press freedom index report of 2016 shows how political intolerance stifles media.

Uganda police tops the list of violators of media freedom for the 8Th year in the run, says Robert Sempala adding that most of the Attacks to Journalists have been directed to the female Journalist.

While giving an over view to the 2016 press freedom index report the HRNJ –U national coordinator Robert Sempala said all media platforms in the country irrespective of the ownership have been covered thus conducting investigations for the over 135 cases reported, where the Uganda police force topped the list with83 cases making it about 2/3s of the total violations.

Robert adds that the election year exposed journalist to unprecedented attacks on journalists, yet the fourth consecutive year in the running implicated the police for as the lead violators of media rights and freedom.

Manipulation of laws by other state agents and powerful individuals which was aimed at curtailing media freedoms and silencing journalist, we as some media owners also refuse to pay and defend their employees when they are under attack thus abusing our rights too.

There was no government intervention to improve the legal and policy framework to enhance the media freedoms.

Nils Mueller the Uganda Director for Democracy, Governance and conflict programs for USAID launched the FRIR 2016.

Emillian Kayima the KMP spokesperson cautioned Journalist about professionalism in line with their duty and also asked a team from HRNJ-U to hold a meeting with the Uganda police force since they have been identified as the lead violators of press freedoms.

‘’I would like to ask Robert and his team to sit with the Uganda police leadership and analyse all the cases, and have the resolutions included in the next PRIR’’

However Sadab Kitatta from the observer expressed concern about the non-inclusion of royal guards from the security operatives like army who provide security to the Buganda king and his premier yet they are also victims of media violator but never appear on the list .


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