Gen. Tumukunde wants Security budget increased

Gen. Tumukunde

The Minister for Security General Henry Tumukunde has urged government to consider more funding to support the country’s intelligence agencies.

Tumukunde who was appearing before the Presidential Affairs committee of Parliament to defend his ministry’s budget that covers both the Internal Security Organization (ISO) and External Security Organization (ESO) noted that intelligence officers in both departments are helpless as they cannot gather intelligence information sufficiently due limited finances.

He added that without intelligence, security organizations can only do a postmortem on a crisis but not curbing the exact problem. He says currently issues of pay of security officers in ESO and ESO, transportation and facilitation is a challenge to them.

Tumukunde also called for particular attention like that given to the Ministry of Defense and the Uganda Police Force, stating that Uganda needs to have high level intelligence looking at the refugees, the nature of Uganda as a landlocked country and the forthcoming oil which has drawn attention to Uganda.

ESO is meant to provide accurate, reliable and timely external intelligence of national interest to support policy making and implementation, law enforcement, defence and counter intelligence operations.


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