NRM voter transporting bus runs into the bush to give Besigye way

Former Presidential candidate Dr. Wrn Kizza-Besigye is in Kagoma campaigning for Dr. Timothy Batuwa moving village to village looking for votes, around the whole constituency.

Present is SG Nathan Nandala-Mafabi Defense Sec. Amin Sadiq, Hon. Amuriat, Hon. Mwiru Paul, Nambooze Josephine.

However drama reached its apex as the infamous NRM buses are transporting voters to attend Museveni rally in Buyengo meet him.

Besides only the drivers staring at Besgye, the buses were forced to park in the bush due the pressure by Besigye supporters who were singing along the famous Toka Kwa Barabara song.

These buses were found on the road to Buyala Trading centre looking for people but they rejected to enter them.

There are unconfirmed claims everyone who enters the bus gets 10,000shs note.


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