Rugunda: 2billion dollars needed to solve refugees crisis

Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda, prime minister,

The prime minister of the Republic of Uganda Rt.Hon.Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda has said that the country is in need of two billion dollars to be able to address the increasing number of refugees.

Speaking during the launch of the Uganda solidarity summit 2017 on refugees in kampala, Rugunda added that the above figure is the current funding gap for the next one year.

He also reveals that government annually spends 150M$ to support refugees in the country.

Dr Rugunda urges the international community to match Uganda‘s efforts to support refugees, noting that if this is not done, it will create additional pressure on host communities.

Apparently Uganda is hosting over 1.2 M refugees majority coming from South Sudan.

“Uganda has been receiving at least 2,000 refugees every day. We’ve to keep our borders open for our brothers and sisters. However, the influx of refugees has continued to pressurize our economy and environment.” Rugunda added.


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