Over 100 Lawyers Enrolled

Court Room One at the High Court in Kampala was a buzz of activity on Friday 12, 2017. This was because of the advocates’ enrollment exercise that took place in that morning.

The Chief Registrar Paul Gadenya Wolimbwa presided over the function. An Advocate is an enrolled lawyer to the bar and can address court whereas a lawyer cannot address the court as he is not enrolled. Only Advocates have a right of audience before the court.

Speaking at the event, the Chief Registrar advised the new advocates to be agents of change. He said, “You should be able to stand up to defend the rule of law, the independence of the Judiciary,and to be frontiers of human rights.”

This the largest number of lawyers that have ever been enrolled in one event in the history of enrollment in Uganda. Mr. Willy Atono, who is visually impaired, was among the more than a hundred lawyers who were enrolled.

His Worship Gadenya urged lawyers to continuously update their knowledge base to be able to survive on the market.

The Uganda Law Society Vice President, Ms. Alice Namuli advised the lawyers to avoid engaging in any conduct that brings disrespect to the legal profession and instead appealed to them to be respective, punctual and always prepared.

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