Owooma: Singer Geosteady throws spectacular performance in Busabala

Owooma hit-maker exciting revelers

Local artist Geosteady aka Blackman brought the unexpected thrill at the Galaxy FM’s Zzina Beach fest at One Love Beach in Busabala on Sunday 14th May.

Though this dude is not so much in the news but believe me he is one of the few Ugandan Musicians with Music that speaks to the heart.

Forget about Elly Wamala’s Viola Redo, Nawuma, Mbuuza, Bazinga Bazinga Batya, simanya Ssente, the former Big Talent singer has great jams apparently topping chats both in Uganda and East Africa at large.

Geosteady doing what he does best

When he jumped on stage, he first threw his famous Owooma song sample that made revelers shout on top of their voice like people possessed by the Holy Spirit.

The Same way Hit-maker made a 9 minutes nonstop performance that left party people deep in love. Kudos #Blackman


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