Museveni, Kabaka Mwanga who killed martyrs are the same – Dr. Nyanzi

Makerere University senior academician and activist Dr. Stella Nyabzi has compared the National Resistance movement (NRM) regime as similar to that of King Mwanga who executed the Martyrs for defying his rule.

Nyanzi made this comment through her Facebook page where she even asked when Uganda will have a shrine of Ugandans who have lost their lives during the regime she described as ‘reign of terror’ as detailed below.

Today is the annual celebration of Martyrs’ Day on which pilgrims go to the shrines where King Mwanga executed individuals and groups of people who threatened his rule. Some collaborated with colonisers, others disobeyed him, and some others denied the king sexual services.

When shall we put up shrines of remembrance for the innumerable dead Ugandans killed during Museveni’s reign of terror, torture, broken promises and neglect of essential services for the poor? Who will cannonise these fresh but unrecognized dead?


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