Did Katinti shun the struggle against the dictator?

There are 4 candidates in the Kyadondo East Parliamentary by-election, Apollo Katinti of FDC, 2 independents in Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine and Muwada and NRM’s Sitende.

Among them, controversy has flared and continues to rage on about the contest of Bobi Wine and Katinti. To cut the long story short Katinti’s supporters think Bobi shouldn’t have come into the race at this time since he is likely to spoil or even beat Katinti and because Katinti is the one who lost the constituency he should be supported by all opposition forces to win and complete his term. Fare, it may sound.

Bobi’s admirers however argue that Katinti has not done anything in his one year in Parliament. They also accuse him of shunning the struggle against the dictatorship or failing to use the Parliamentary platform to further the same. As such, they argue that Bobi is more present in the struggle and therefore more representative of the people’s interest.

The following are the misconceptions:

  1. The assumption that being seen physically in activist activities is what amounts to being there for the struggle. This is so flawed as there are so many people who will never be seen in the front-lines but whose contribution to the struggle will always be priceless. Katinti, without any fear of contradiction is one such straggler.
  2. The notion that a Parliamentary platform makes or is supposed to make a difference to a leader in the struggle. So wrong! Take it or leave it, there is absolutely no value being an MP adds to the activism of am individual. Nobody can adduce evidence that it does. To the contrary, being an MP STRICTLY reduces the presence of an individual into activism. This is what is hugely evident. The reason why it happens so are many.

Therefore, the assumption that it is more deserving for Bobi to be elected PM b’se he is the more present activist is self-defeatist. If Bobi has been more present in activism, then those who want to send him to Parliament are robbing themselves of another all-present activist.

So, why should FDC supporters stick with their party candidate? Having noted that there is no additional value in being an MP adds to activism, let it be known that having 1 additional MP is hugely crucial for any political party. Among other reasons, numerical strength in Parliament is the basis of calculating the amount parties represented in Parliament get from government funding.

I wish I could explain here how FDC has spent some that money. Unfortunately I can’t.

It seems, supporters of the struggle do not know how crucial this money has been in facilitating activities. But if this can be understood mow, then all FDC faithful’s and even those interested in the struggle will rally behind Katinti.

Onghwens K. Kisangala


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