Court upholds NRM’s Luweero MP Nakate Victory

The court of Appeal has on Wednesday upheld the election of National Resistance Movement (NRM)’s Luweero Woman Member of Parliament Lilian Nakate.

The High Court ruling came after the Democratic Party (DP)’s Brenda Nabukenya petitioned court challenging Ms Nakate’s victory.
The High Court last year had nullified the election of Ms Nakate on grounds that the electoral commission failed to comply with the electoral laws and that there were other malpractices like voter bribery.


However, a panel of three justices at Court of Appeal led by the deputy Chief Justice Steven Kavuma held that the nullification of Ms Nakate was unjustified.
The justices also noted that the finding of the trial judge that there had been intimidation and hijacking of the voting exercise by hooligans who overran the polling station thereby forcing the presiding officer to flee the station was also not borne out by any substantial evidence.


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