OPINION: Interpreting the Silence in the Rwenzori after Kasese Killings

After the November twin bombings at the palace and the kingdom administration offices coupled with the subsequent arrest and detention of our king with over 170 others, intimidation was raised to it’s peak and everybody kept mam for fear of their lives.

Since then, the mountain dwellers seem to have kept quiet and the ones behind this mess seem to have succeeded.

But one thing to remember is that, being silent doesn’t necessarily mean that one has forgotten, am sure these mountain dwellers haven’t forgotten their sons and daughters in prison.

Cutting off the communication between the king and his people doesn’t make them forget that they have a king.

Am sure the memories of their gallant sons and daughters murdered must be as fresh as yesterday, their shed blood must be lingering fresh in their minds.

This is worsened by the memories of the good times they used to have with their king during certain celebrations and events like the 30th June celebrations.
Their hearts must be bleeding hard when they see such events passing unnoticed.

I must remind the authorities that peace doesn’t necessarily mean the physical absence of war.
We might be sited thinking that it was finished little knowing that simple things like the continued incarceration of the king and his subjects is some act of incubating a time bomb.
The mountain dwellers have no peace of mind and what might come out of the silence might be regrettable.
He who announces danger is never the cause of the same.
Hope the relevant authorities will find sense in this and do the necessary.
#Freemyking #Freethebayiira.

Isande Atanazio.

The Dream Team.
Keeping The Hope Alive.
The Rwenzori Eagle Eye.
The Voice From The Peak.


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