EXCLUSIVE: If Kantinti never talked in Parliament, what did he do in Kyadondo?

For the period of 9 months Apollo Kantinti spent in Parliament, several people have come in the open criticizing him for having have not been vibrant during his first 100 days till court forced him to exit.

Its on record that it can take you a million hours trying to trace for the words the Hon. Member of parliament might have spoken on the floor of the House besides those during swearing in ceremony.

Hon. Kantinti Apollo was elected on 18th February 2016 and subsequently sworn in on 16th May 2016. Three days after his elections in February, he was taken to Nabweru Court by NRM candidate Sitenda Ssebalu asking for a vote recount.

Kyadondo East has a total population of 460,161 according to the 2014 Census, 9 Parishes, 52 villages and 93 polling stations. Despite the circumstances, Hon. Kantinti Appolo has managed to do the following in the nine months as an MP. After asking several questions about what Kantinti has done ever since he was voted, this was the result as detailed.

  1. Support to 19 women groups through Kantinti Poultry and Seedling initiative, in 8 in Katade, 2 in Magere, 2 in Gayaza, 2 in Nangabo, 2 in Kabubu, 1 in Bulamu, 2 in Wampewo.
    Repairing three Boreholes in Nangabo Parish.
  2. 3. Supporting Savings groups through CBS POWESA,
    4. Supporting Religious institutions, the Churches; Roofing Nangabo Catholic Church, donated cement to Gayaza Catholic Church, Contribution at Bulamu St. Luke Church, and mosques by supporting one pilgrims at Masigid Taquwa Kasangati,
  1. Supporting Kyadondo County Football Club in the Masaza Cup by giving them jerseys and other facilities.
  2. Support to four football teams; Masoli Young FC, Kiteezi FC and Nangabo FC.
  3. He settled the biggest outstanding land problem in Kabubu by giving land titles to all his tenants free of charge as the biggest landlord in Kabubu Parish, Kyadondo East.
  4. Championed the Buganda Youth Health run through funding
    10. He has been able to fulfil his monthly contributions to FDC Party as an MP
    11. He has ably represented the Party on the two Parliamentary Committees, ICT and State Assurances.
  5. Its also said that there are still many outstanding pledges that would be fulfilled according to the five year term – plan; to women and youth groups, at Kiti Mosque, more boreholes among others.



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