National Budget, Another museveni project, just useless – Besigye


Former presidential candidate, Dr Kizza Besigye, says the reading of the budget has now become a ceremonial event and has nothing to do with the welfare of the population.

Speaking to NTV at his home in Kasangati, Wakiso district. Besigye insisted that “The budget is meaningless and actually useless”

Besigye also said Ugandans should wait for what President Museveni wants but not what is written in the Budget.

He added that Museveni’s mission is how to consolidate power but not help the common man serving on one meal or even sleeping on an empty stomach.

“When we started, we had a DISO, (District Intelligence and Security Office) it was broken down to GISO, PISO, and now we have FISO (Family Intelligence and Security Officer) all this where majority of the tax payers money goes not on health, agriculture and social services.” Besigye added.

He said anybody wasting their time listening to the budget is advised not to do so because there is nothing worth listening to.

During this Budget reading event, President Museveni also attacked the opposition for being jealous about him because he has ruled the country for a long time.


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