SHOCKING: Kantinti is a Mukono not Kyadondo East voter!

Puzzled Kantinti

The Forum for Democratic Change (FDC)’s embattled Kyadondo East Candidate Apollo Kantinti’s election hysteria has kept on the rise following the numerous developments in the breathtaking race.

Apparently, the latest information reaching our desk reveals that though Kantinti is a resident of Kyadondo East, but the biggest unfortunate step is that though he is busy calling upon people to him, he won’t be able to cast a vote for himself.

This regrettable saga reveals that Kantinti is a resident of Mukono District and legitimately supposed to be battling with the famous Iron Lady Betty Nambooze Bakireke.

Its alleged that Kantinti feared Nambooze and decided to hide in Kyadondo however this has become a direct nail being used by rival groups to crucify for not being honest.

Allot of scandals have been rotating around Kantinti during this critical moment where some residents allegedly accuse him for neglecting constituency duties and even refused to pick up their calls during the time when they needed his help.

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