Museveni is a thief, lair – Besigye

FDC President Gen. Mugisha Muntu with Dr. Kiiza Besigye during one of the aparty meetings

The Forum for Democratic Change former party President and four times presidential aspirant Rt.Col. Dr. Kiiza Besigye has described president Museveni as a liar and a thief.

Speaking during the second day of the FDC National Council meeting, Besigye emphasized that he won the 2016 elections but his victory was grabbed by the ruling party.

“I have challenged those that dragged me to court for swearing myself in as the legitimate president of Uganda to bring evidence that i lost the race, they have fully failed. Otherwise i pleads guilty, i won the 2016 elections. The electoral process was sabotaged, Museveni is president by treason not by election.”

Besigye added that People are intelligent, they don’t rally behind individuals, they rally behind their interests and when their interests are betrayed, they abandon the individual.

“Imagine if I called for a rally and told people that we should join M7, what would their reaction be? I think I can even be stoned to death.” Besigye added.

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