UPDF chopper crashes in Bundibugyo

The Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) Chopper has crashed on the slopes of Mountain Rwenzori in Bundibugyo district where all the seven occupants are feared dead.

According to our highly placed sources reveal that the deplorable incident happened in the morning of Friday (June 16th) at around 4:00am at a place called Burangapasi, in the Semuliki national park.

At the time of crash, the military was on its overnight patrol in the Semuliki national park, where UPDF has intensified clandestine operations for the last six months.

It is said that the UPDF has increased its presence in the park especially along the Semuliki River doing Day and night patrols against suspected insurgents crisscrossing the DR Congo and Ruwenzori mountains.

Since the occurrence of the tragic incident, the national park movements in and out have been curtailed by security operatives and even locals are not allowed into the park to collect dead wood as before.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) used to give us an opportunity to get wood but this has stopped for about four months now.


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