South Sudan

SPLA denies report on killing of civilians in Upper Nile

SPLA soldier near Dalami show off weapons they captured in a recent battle with SAF troops.

South Sudan’s army has denied accusations of killing civilians in Wau Shilluk area following the latest Amnesty International report blaming government troops (SPLA) on civilian killings in Upper Nile.

SPLA spokesman Santo Domic said in Juba on Thursday that the Amnesty International report is false, arguing that the SPLA was not involved in any atrocities committed against citizens in Upper Nile.

Domic accused Amnesty International of having ill intentions towards South Sudan. He pointed out that international rights groups were supposed to be neutral.

Amnesty International said in its report that South Sudan army burned, shelled and systematically looted homes between January and May this year, deliberately killing civilians and forcing thousands from the Shilluk tribe to flee in Upper Nile.

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