love makes me go wild, Scream & Cry – Singer Angela Kalule

Singer Kalule

Singer Angela Kalule has thrown some thrilling experiences about how she feels while making love and time with her husband.

Following the leaking of her private video directed to the husband, Kalule has gained a lot of fame though she had started fading musically.

Kalule left the fans in silence as she revealed that she goes wild when she is in love and its one of the reasons she recorded the clip for her man.

Speaking during a radio talk show on Capital FM, the Katikitiki hit maker added that she does not care about people’s opinions and interests as along as she is doing what makes her husband happy.

When asked whether she has something learnt from the shocking experience, Kaluke confessed being mo affected spiritually and publicly though she also assured that she will continue sending nudes, and dirty voice notes to the her husband.

When Angela Kalule’s private video, meant for her husband who is out of the country leaked on social media. According to Angela, late last month, her mobile phone, a pricey Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge valued at Shs2.4m was stolen and the mat reported the matter was reported to police on 27th May though since then goons had been demanding for a 2 Million ransom that she refused to offer resulting into the release of the Kokonyo video.

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