Zuena reveals duties she plays as wife, I buy ‘the fattest fish’

Zuena took a selfie from the Market when she had gone to buy matooke and a big Fish

Zuena Kirema Ssali, Bebe Cool’s wife, has come out to paint an image of a dutiful mother who is above petty talk of panties brought her by the hubby.

Though the public has been so critical in trying to compare her to Barbie Kyagulanyi Itungo for following the election of Bobi Wine to Parliament, Zuena revealed a menu of responsibilities she plays at home.

In her Facebook post, she highlighted how she wakes up as early as 5am to take children to school, going to the market to buy Matooke and ‘a big fish as listed below.

It’s that time again,waking up at my usual time 5am,get the kids ready for school then drop them at school….with our puffy eyes and swollen morning faces we head to the market.They say the early bird catches the fattest worm and indeed by 6:50am we are already in the market picking the biggest matooke,fattest fish,fresh vegetables etc.
Market days are the best days because not only do we have to get the freshest foods but we get to interact with the sellers.
Wishing you a blessed new week

All over the weekend, her husband posted attacking the people who insulted his wife for not being developmental.

Bebe Cool with Wife Zuena


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