Gen. Otafiire: Constitution not my property, don’t care if its amended

Gen. Kahinda Otafiire

The minister for Justice and constitutional affairs Hon. Gen. Kahinda Otafire blasted the people attacking him for being behind the scraping off the controversial presidential age limit.

Speaking to the insider, Kahinda says has no powers to stop or accept any decision since the constitution is not his property.

Kahinda adds that the constitution is not a commandment from God that it cannot be amended therefore it’s not a crime to amend it.

“All articles in the constitution weigh equally therefore there is nothing special article 102. It can be amended like any other article.” Kahinda stated.

Several Ugandans include civil society organizations, Opposition and some ruling party officials have shown their dissatisfaction towards the move to scrap off the presidential age limit citing that its intended to block peaceful transition of power.


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