Museveni takes our constitution as a useless paper – Mpuuga

Mathias Mpuuga

Masaka Municipality legislator Hon. Mathias Mpuuga has also raised his voice against the move to scrap off article 102 of the Uganda constitution (presidential age limit).

Speaking during the NBS Television talk show on Thursday morning, Mpuuga said that scraping off the age limit holds this country at a ransom.

“The framers of the 1995 constitution had the benefit of our history. This clique led by Mr. Museveni is holding the country at ransom. They have gone ahead to make the country’s constitution a useless document.” Mpuuga said.

Mpuuga adds that there is no way we can have a peaceful transition of power since the first move starts with age limit and term limits campaigned.

“You can go ahead and make amendments but issue of who holds the power explains why we haven’t had a peaceful transfer of power since 1962. Why would we have to have a term limit and age limit? It’s just a contradiction.”


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