Parliament tactically renames Marriage and Divorce Bill a head of re-tabling

parliament of uganda

The Marriage and Divorce Bill will be re-tabled in Parliament after proposed amendments were presented to the Rt. Hon. Speaker of Parliament.

The Uganda Law Commission, which had been tasked by Justice and Constitutional Affairs Minister, Hon. Kahinda Otafiire, to review the Bill, updated the Speaker on the Bill. Given the contention surrounding the Bill, it was renamed and controversial clauses removed.

Dubbed the Marriage Bill, the Commission made it more inclusive of all marriage types in the country while at the same time deleting all clauses such as the one on co-habitation that had earlier sparked outrage among citizens.

Vastina Rukimirana, Chairperson Uganda Law Reform Commission said that the renaming was a move welcomed by the stakeholders who were consulted while working on the Bill.

“We reviewed the bill along the recommendations from the numerous stakeholders. We agreed to remove all the controversial clauses,” she said.

Kadaga noted that rights for those cohabiting had to be protected especially for children born out such relationships, and for couples who had been together for over 30 years.

“Co-habitation is a reality; it is high time we stopped burying our heads in the sand. We need to protect the interests of these in the bill,” Kadaga said.

The Marriage and Divorce Bill, which came into the spotlight in 2009 was seen to be a platform to right the wrongs that were seen to done to women in marriages.

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