Politics of Uganda Football gets tight as Mujib awaits FIFA response

FIFA hates government interference into football Association Management, this is punishable by banning the involved Association says Mujib Kasule as he awaits FIFA response on his petition.

Mujib Kasule aka Jiba adds that the FUFA electoral commission is meant to be fully independent and selected by the delegates however this among others were not observed since the delegates too were not fairly chosen from the different parties.

Mujib says that I gave FIFA a ten day Ultimatum, this is only in the working days, as soon as they get done which will due on Friday July 14th this week and FIFIA has not yet responded, then I will use the other courts of law to seek for justice.

I participated in the drafting of the current FUFA constitution, I know all the laws and how best to administer them, says Mujib adding that it’s the current FUFA leadership which tampered with most of the articles by intentionally not following the rules of procedure while electing delegates and also selecting the election Committee.

As the race for FUFA president went through yet another conflict of interest between Mujib Kasule and Eng. Mosses Magogo, the later was disqualified thus enabling the current leader of the federation of Uganda Football association attain his earlier desire of being a sole candidate.

This was not received with a humble welcome from Mr Kasule who immediately decided to petition FIFA over Illegal disqualification

The Ex Uganda cranes national team player further alleges that he Magogo tried to offer him a vice president slot when he raised him through a phone call asking him to step down in his favour but Mujib declined,

The Proline Manager says ’’I also declined a request by some MPs who tried to intervene claiming that since Magogo  managed to take the National team to AFCON’’ I explained  to them the plight of Ugandan Football in the Magogo leadership which made them understand my take.


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