That girl ‘reluctantly rammed’ into Lumumba’s car, NRM

The National Resistance Movement secretariat has said that the lady Janifer Namara who was knocked along Entebbe Road by Hon. Justice Kasule Lumumba’s vehicle was caused by the lady’s recklessness.

In the press statement issued by party populist Rogers Mulindwa, he stated that the lady Relactantly rammed into the convoy as detailed below.

Jenifer Namara

Below is a statement from the National Resistance Movement’s communication officer, Rogers Mulindwa on a pedestrian knocked dead by Kasule Lumumba’s vehicle.

NRM secretary general Justine Kasule Lumumba has this Monday afternoon got involved in a road accident when a female pedestrian reluctantly rammed into her official car around Kajjansi along Entebbe road.

The lady, whose identity has not yet been established has been reported dead. Eye witnesses claim the deceased was talking on phone as she crossed the road.

The SG’s car got front damages but she escaped with no visible injuries.

The NRM hereby sends its condolence message to the deceased’s family and promises to stand with them in this trying moment.

Kasule’s Car


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