Museveni is a smart foul player, Lair – Hon. Ogwal

President Museveni with Hon. Cecilia Ogwal

The Dokolo legislator Hon. Cecilia Ogwel has described President Museveni as a good foul player also smart in calculating mindset of people and how he can play the game in his favour.

Speaking while appearing on NBS Television on Wednesday morning, the former Miss Uganda added that Museveni has also commercialized and Materialized Uganda’s politics something very disastrous for the country.

Ogwal also decried the rate at which a few chosen individuals are taking the constitution for granted with introduction of only policies and laws that favour Museveni and his family thus setting an example of the proposed compulsory land acquisition law.

“NRM regime has introduced two dangerous elements in our politics; commercialization and militarization of politics. Once they give government power to control land, how sure are you that government will not give it to the people they want?” Ogwal asked.

Ogwal however also have a take on the controversial age limit bill citing that it’s an enemy of good governance.

“Unlimited term of office is an enemy to good governance, President Museveni has one unique character, he is a very smart foul player. He is very smart in calculating mindset of people and how he can play the game.” She added.

She also said that without a formal way of how power can transferred from one leader to another calls for more danger and bloodshed like it happened during the early 1960s and 70s.

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