VIDEO: Kabushenga, BOU Lawyer caught ‘betraying’ Sudir

Kabushenga x Sudir

Though scholars have always said that ‘A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out’, this might not be correct since at Insider, we have come to believe that no one can perfectly define who a friend is.

This follows the alleged video of the Vision group boss Mr. Robert Kabushenga in a meeting with Bank of Uganda lawyer David Mpanga circulating on social media yet he used to be Sudir’s best magnetic friend.

The alleged video with a Jose Chameleon Bayuda Tuyitanabo song as a sound track shows Mr. Robert Kabushenga in a series of meetings at one of the expensive hotels with the bank of Uganda lawyers currently at cross roads with his best friend city mogul Sudir Ruparelia.

According to the alleged CCTV Camera footage, one will wonder how and why the duo had to meet in a secret hideout a few days before unique stories  attacking Sudir started running in  New Vision and Bukedde News Papers publications supervised by Mr. Kabushenga.

As to why  they duo had to meet meet before stories started running is the question of the day! And if stories are fair, why are they only published in Media houses supervised by Kabushenga??…….




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