Voters want age limit preacher MP Kakooza axed

Hon. James Kakooza

As famous singer June Carter Cash articulates that ‘Every dog has its day, unless it loses the tail’,  the same is slowly pursuing the famous Kabuula legislator Hon. James Kakooza.

Apparently, the legislator who has fully spent two decades in Parliament is restless following the move by the youth from his constituency plotting his recall from the August house.

According to the Secretary General Mugenyi Semanda of the Kabula Zukuka pressure group, more than 400 signatures have sofa been collected to recall Hon. James Kakooza from Parliament following outspokenness for amendment of article 102 of the 1995 Ugandan Constitution.

“We accuse our legislature who has almost served 20 years as our MP representing Kabula constituency to have always been on Parliamentary podium targeting his own selfish goal of becoming a political parasite.” Mugenyi furiously said.

The team also accuses Hon. Kakooza for abandoning the constituency, not helping the youth at all and also misleading the head of state who is supposed to retire and enjoy his life as a veteran and senior citizen of this country.

“It’s good our president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has served our Nation diligently we honor his services and that’s why this pressure is here to defend his reputation among Ugandans and his wellbeing after presidency, we therefore stand in to protect the constitution of Uganda 102(b) so as to protect him and other president that will follow him that’s why we are strongly against the amendment of the above article which has not been tasted.” They added.

This team is headed by Mugenyi Semanda of Democratic Party Uganda (DP), deputized by Rwamurinda Matsiko Brian of National Resistance Movement – NRM, Twesigye Faluku of National Resistance Movement – NRM is the general Secretary and Ssekandi Paul is the publicity general deputized by Kayima Godfrey of National Resistance Movement – NRM .

“It’s time now to call on all Ugandans in particular the people of Kabula Constituency to rally behind us in the interest of defending the constitution of Uganda as per 1995. It’s high time all stakeholders including the religious leaders, cultural leaders, political leaders and others to step in the cue of maintaining the stability of Uganda even after the current president.”Mugenyi added.




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