My guns are too big for travels, now I need a pistol – Col. Abiriga

Col. Abiriga

As the public continues with the spirit of vigilance and monitoring their legislator’s performances in the August House, Arua Municipality Member of Parliament Col. Ibrahim Abiriga has fallen in the trap of being accused of headlining the unpopular presidential age limit team.

News reaching our desk reveals that the yellow coloured legislator is in the final steps of getting a better and portable gun for security purposes following the numerous threats from the public including his very own voters.

It’s also said that the veteran soldier cried to the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to fasten the process of acquiring the short gun saying that he no longer trusts most of the people around him.

Recently the Mukono legislator Hon. Betty Nambooze while appearing on one of the radio stations requested legislators to avoid being political puppets who are there to fulfill individual obligations against the voters who brought them in power. She said that that once the voters become hostile, some legislators will not even be allowed to visit their constituencies.

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