CJ Katureebe appoints committee to amend Civil Procedure Rules

CJ Bart Katureebe

The Chief Justice, Hon.Justice Bart M. Katureebe, appointed a 14 member committee chaired by the Principal Judge, Hon. Justice Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine, to review and make proposals on amending Civil Procedure Rules.

In a communication titled Office Instrument 1 of 2017, the Chief Justice stated that Civil Procedure rules are handmaidens of justice instead of being a bar to sound administration of justice and it is, therefore, important, that they are reviewed to facilitate the expeditious disposal of cases.

The objective of the committee is to:-

  1. a) Expedite the disposal of civil cases;
  2. b) Ensuring adequate preparation of cases before trial;
  3. c) Reducing delay of cases and maximizing judicial time;
  4. d) Re-engineering business processes for civil justice;
  5. e) Improving access to justice for unrepresented litigants;
  6. f)Simplifying the procedure and practices;
  7. g) Improving and streamlining case management;
  8. h) Prevent abuse of interim orders;
  9. i)  Giving judicial officers greater powers to expeditiously dispose of cases and administer substantive justice;
  10. j) Reviewing the powers of Registrars; and
  11. k) Carrying out any other functions as may be assigned to the Committee by the Chief Justice.

The Committee is expected to make an interim report covering the Committee’s work for the first month as well as an end term report with draft amendments to the Civil Procedure Rules.

Composition of the Committee:

  Name Title Responsibility
1. Hon. Justice Dr. Yorokamu Bamwine Principal Judge Chairperson
2. Hon. Justice Egonda-Ntende Justice of the Court of Appeal Deputy Chairperson
3. Hon. Justice Geoffrey Kiryabwire Justice of the Court of Appeal Member
4. Hon. Justice D.K Wangutusi Judge of the High Court Member
5. Hon. Justice Stephen Musota Judge of the High Court Member
6. Hon. Justice Christopher Madrama Judge of the High Court Member
7. Hon. Justice Flavia Senoga Anglin Judge of the High Court Member
8. Hon. Justice Andrew Bashaija Judge of the High Court Member
9. H/W Gadenya Paul Wolimbwa Chief Registrar Member
10. The President Uganda Law Society Member
11. The Director Civil Litigation, Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Member
12.  H/W Sarah Langa Deputy Registrar Member
13. Mr. Andrew Khaukha Technical Advisor, Judiciary Resource/ Technical Person



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