Makobore High School students in a bloody fight With Rival School

Suspects detained

Students from the famous  Rukungiri district schools made Wednesday night a climax of  tears and fears when the two schools indulged in a bloody fight. This wretched incident happened between St. Gerald SSS and Makobore High school, Kinyasano.

Our sources reveal that at about Midnight, St. Gerald students invaded Makobore High School with pangas and slashers but got a shock of their life when they found Makobore students  ready for them and were treated to thorough beating.  It is said that this unfortunate incident left several students terribly injured and others in critical conditions.

It is also reported that about 50 students from both schools have since been arrested and detained by Rukungiri Police .

It said that St. Gerald’s students had for a week threatened to attack Makobore High School accusing them to be responsible for the burnt buildings at St. Gerald a few weeks ago. However Makobore High School deby the claims saying that they have not been at St. Gerald SSS and that the unfortunate incident was orchestrated by School’s own students.

We shall keep you updated for more details.

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